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What Are Casino And Poker Affiliates?

Before we delve into the differences between the two types of affiliates, it is important to understand what it means to be an affiliate as a whole. Affiliates are those who create webpages to direct potential clients to either the casino or the poker site. The more traffic they can generate with more people signing up, the more commission they will earn. However, there are differences between poker and casino affiliates, part of which has to do with how they get paid and we will go into that below.The main differences are in how much work needs to be done by the affiliate, which in turn does affect how they are paid. Poker affiliates simply have to entice as many people as possible into the site and make a first deposit. To do this they can create a page extolling the virtues of a particular site to which the poker room will give them a code. This code is then offered as a promotion to potential customers and will usually offer a discount of some kind if they sign up. Poker affiliates will be paid a regular fixed commission rate that can either be based on the activity they generate or the amount of deposits made by players coming from their site.Casino affiliates, on the other hand, also have to increase traffic to the casino site. They are there to make players aware that the casino exists. Casino affiliates direct new players to the casino site via a series of links and it is through this link that the commission is calculated. Casino affiliates will get paid depending on how many people used their specific link to reach the casino. Often casino affiliates are also paid a revenue share, which is a percentage of the profits that have been gained.Both affiliate methods can be lucrative if pursued in a positive way and allow the affiliate to continue playing at the casino themselves.

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