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Creating a great website for you company

Creating a great website is not the easiest of jobs. But with the correct mindset and a couple of good tips, it certainly can be done.

Ease of Navigation

To begin with, a company website’s domain name should be short, representative to your website and easy to remember. It should lead the visitors to the home page. A good home page contains catchy graphics and a call to action (CTA) statement in form of either a hyperlink or a button. These usually prompt the client to carry out actions such as “order now” or “sign up”, guiding new clients on what to do next. At the home page, it is best to include the navigation bar at the top of the page and in other cases in your footer. This enables clients to easily find their way through the website. A navigation bar enables for easy manoeuvre through all the web pages of the website from the home page. At AOA Travelers for instance, a visitor can easily browse through a list of adventure activities just by clicking on a tab.

Contact info & Testimonials

It is vital that you include important contact information on your website. The most commonly efficient way to achieve is to include a working email address, social media handles and a contact form that is not only user-friendly but also easily visible. If possible, you may include a company hotline number to incorporate more ways for potential clients to contact the company. Also, provide a reviews and testimonials section. Positive testimonials and reviews from previous clients could go a long way in attracting more new clients to invest in the products your company has to offer.

Company Information

For a company website, information that specifically pertains to the business that your company has to offer is vital. For instance, a good company website must indicate the company’s daily hours of business operation and areas of specialisation. Moreover, information should consist of fresh content and catchy graphics, be relevant and helpful to the visitors of the website and without plagiarism. Images and graphics are better off as small as possible to speed up page loading. Using infographics will go a long way as they are more descriptive and appealing than words. Remember to avoid excessive use of words to allow easy skimming through the website. For instance, the GTG Advocates website has few words which are easy to skim through while capturing adequate information about the company.


Ensure the website is mobile friendly. This can be done by using special web scripting language such as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to enable for automated resizing of the page to fit both desktop and mobile client-side devices.

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